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Anorexia Recovery And Sex: How The Two Go Hand In Hand

I’m in recovery from anorexia. I’m also learning how to have sex again. The two have more in common than you think.

 These different messages lead one to wonder if the intended advice is for one's BMI or sexual orientation.

Linking BMI To Sexual Orientation Ignores A Bigger Health Threat — Homophobia

The study leads one to wonder if the intended advice is for one's BMI or sexual orientation.

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Why Misgendering Me Makes Me Feel Like My Body Is A Problem

Queer people have to work hard for individualized respect. We exist in a culture that forces us into a two-and-only-two sex and gender binary.

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What Exactly IS The "Snake-Diet?" (And 7 Ways It's Harmful)

The “Snake-Diet” is just another fad diet that claims to cure you of your fat — but it’s also different, it’s dangerous. I'm going to tell you why.

I remember what it was like to be thin.

I'm Happy In My Fat Body, But I Miss Being Thin

You do not have to hate your body — but you don’t have to love it either. While I'm happy with my fat body, I miss being thin.

Here are a few ways we can help kids develop a healthy body image.

We Need To Talk About Body Image With Our Kids Early And Often​

The media and the fashion industry overwhelmingly continue to promote a body type that’s not realistic. We need to talk to about body image with our kids.

Insatiable on Netflix

Netflix's New Show "Insatiable" Needs To Be Cancelled

Netflix's new show Insatiable is harmful! It continues the narrative around fat people being powerless and prey to the popular kids.

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Take The Cake: I Accidentally Went On A Date With A “Clean Eater”

To him, perhaps, my fat feminine body was acceptable to sexualize. I can’t say I learned a foolproof way of avoiding going on a date with a clean eater.