Listful Thinking: 6 Ways to Use Honey without Eating It

Pooh Bear be damned. Tasty as it is, we’re not going to eat the honey, we’re going to capitalize on its other shining attributes. Honey is one of nature’s antibacterial gifts—and here we've compiled a list of the best uses for the sticky stuff:

1. Helps with Healing
No need to buy a new tube of Neosporin, honey has been shown to beat chemically engineered salves when it comes to healing cuts and scrapes.

2. Soothes Your Dry Spots
Feeling dry? Honey is a fantastic moisturizer. Use it on face, elbows, feet—hey, slather your whole body with it! Let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it away.

Bonus: Adding honey to other ingredients like oatmeal, oil, dandelion and aloe will make a soothing face mask that's safe enough for daily use. 

3. Beats Your Blemishes 
This Redditer details her frustration with acne medications. She eventually turns to honey to calm her irritated skin. Simply soak strips of gauze in a warm honey/water mixture and place the strips on your acne hotspots overnight. Things should be calmer by morning. 

4. Lightens Your Locks
Enhance your do with some natural highlights. Add some honey to your favorite conditioner, distribute evenly throughout your hair—or the sections you'd like to lighten—and let it rest for the day. (Yes, the day. You may want to plan your home office day around this hair lightening extravaganza). When you wash it out, your hair will be lighter and healthier.

5. Conditions Deeply 
Skip the $20 store-bought conditioners and DIY your way to shiny, manageable tresses. The recipe is super easy—and it works! Combine one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon olive oil and add to hair.  Wrap a warm towel around your head for a half an hour and then rinse.

6. Soothes Your Scalp
Itchy scalp sufferers rejoice. This scalp rub feels good, smells good and will tame the flakes. Mix honey with a little bit of water, rub it into your scalp, leave it in for a couple hours and wash it out. *This treatment may lighten the color of your hair a bit.

NOTE: we suggest using raw honey for these recipes. Refined honey—that's the one in the bear—does not have the same health benefits as the real stuff and can cause adverse skin effects.

Honey Bees Doing their Thing Image: fotopedia

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