Justin Bieber Circa 2012—And Other Unexpected Style Inspirations

Admit it: This look is fierce

Fashion should be fun, and you should take aesthetic inspiration wherever you find it.

The other day I looked down at my outfit, which consisted of scrunched-up skinny jeans, suspiciously spotless Nike high tops, and a black v-neck T-shirt, and realized my current aesthetic could be summed up in four words: "Justin Bieber circa 2012." The realization gave me pause for a moment. But then I remembered how comfy I felt and how awesome I looked, and decided I was totally okay with it!

After all, fashion should be fun, and you should take aesthetic inspiration wherever you find it— even if the source happens to be a semi-disgraced pop star with a fondness for public urination.

Looking for your own inspiration . . . but not quite ready to claim Bieber as your muse? Here are a few other unexpected aesthetic role models to consider.

Aesthetic: Prince George

Why It's Great: Sure, he's a toddler, but he's a royal toddler, and with international style icons for a mom and grandmother, he was destined to be a trendsetter before he even learned to walk. Plus, since his ensembles have to accommodate a diaper, they're roomy and comfy and body-positive!

Key Pieces: Rompers in primary colors; overalls; knee socks; mary janes; embroidered sweater vests.

Aesthetic: Beyonce On Vacation

Why It's Great: Unlike "Beyonce On Stage" or "Beyonce On The Red Carpet," the "Beyonce On Vacation" aesthetic is an aaaaaaaallllllmost attainable look for us mere mortals. It's casual yet glamorous, super colorful, and perfect for summer.

Key Pieces: Floral print sarongs; huge sunglasses; gladiator sandals; bejeweled bikini tops; silk turbans.

Aesthetic: Friends Season 6

Why It's Great: Choosing just one style inspiration seems kind of limiting when you realize you can choose an entire season of an ensemble show. Season 6 is the obvious choice here because it ran from 1999-2000, encompassing so many amazing trends of the '90s and the new millennium.

Key Pieces: Cropped cardigans; baby doll tees; denim pencil skirts; thermal shirts; velvet dresses; pointy toe pumps; leather blazers.

Aesthetic: New England Frat President

Why It's Great: Preppy never goes out of style, and no one does preppy better than over-privileged white dudes from Connecticut.

Key Pieces: Pastel shorts; boat shoes; navy blue blazers; Ray-Ban wayfarers; pink polo shirts.

Aesthetic: Your Mom In The '70s

Why It's Great: Because your mom looked fucking amazing in the '70s. Also, no joke, pretty much all of this season's actual fashion trends could be described as "just wear what your mom wore in the '70s." So this one is timely too!

Key Pieces: Bell bottom jeans; swingy crop tops; platform sandals; paisley print blouses; crochet accessories.

Images: Wikimedia Commons, Thinkstock

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