People Will Pay For Sex With A Sex Doll

That’s right. There are people who would rather spend money to have sex with a sex doll than with a human being.

So, I’m scrolling through the internets when I see a headline from the Guardian that says “Sex doll breaks down after huge number punters try it out”.

Obviously, I needed to read the whole article. You can’t just swipe away from that kind of information.

I was thinking I would get to read something vaguely amusing about a robotic sex doll malfunctioning after too many people trie to use it in a short time. And that’s kind of what happened but instead of being hilarious, it was more sad and confusing.

Here’s the short version of the story: A developer named Sergi Santos was displaying his interactive sex doll “Samantha” at the Arts Electronica Festival in Austria. Samantha is a pretty sophisticated piece of technology, being able to respond and interact with users. However, people at the festival got a bit out of control and manhandled the doll, leaving her soiled and with broken limbs. She was sent back to her home in Spain for refurbishment.

The reason Samantha was at the festival in the first place is because sex dolls have become a popular item at some brothels in the country, where prostitution is legal and regulated.

That’s right. There are people who would rather spend money to have sex with a doll than with a human being.

So, let’s unpack some of this, shall we?

First of all, if sex dolls are your kink, rock on. We at Ravishly are pro-kink, as long as everyone involved is consenting.

But let’s, for a moment, look at what happens when a sexually available doll who literally cannot say no is offered up for public consumption: she is abused to the point of physical damage.

What does this say about human sexuality?

Are there really people who would f#@k someone to pieces if that person couldn’t tell them to stop? Would we, as a species, destroy that which arouses our lust? Are we all basically preying mantises, waiting to eat the heads of our partners once we got our orgasm?


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You never hear about people at a technology show destroying a novel video game console or exciting new home theatre system. But sex tech? Broken and soiled.

This needs to be studied.

As for the information that sex dolls are a popular option at brothels, well, we can probably chalk some of that up to pure curiosity. I mean, you’re curious, right? I’m curious. And maybe the rates on dolls are cheaper than on humans. I don’t know. Could just be pure economics.

But for some people, there may be a real appeal in a partner who cannot communicate. This could say something bad about a person, like they only want a partner who won’t say no. But it might say something rather poignant, in that a person might be so terrified of judgement that a doll is a more emotionally comfortable option for gratification.

Again. Something to be studied.

The biggest takeaway is that the wide world of sex is ever evolving and expanding.

You can have your very own Samantha for about $3000. Just try not to soil her or break her limbs.


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