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New All Girls App LuLu: Glorified Gossip or Neo Girl Power?

Every b*tch loves some girl-talk right? The all new girls-only Facebook app—Lulu—is betting on a big 'ol yes from the vagina-toting community. Lulu is a social networking "rating" app where women can dish on men they're "friends" with;on Facebook through—you guessed it—hashtags. #bigfeet.;#neversleepsover.;#runsthistown. #pennypincher. #kinkyinalltherightways. Etc. etc. etc.

India Court Orders Gang-Rape of Woman for Dating Outside of Community

Does the punishment always fit the crime? A 20-year-old eastern Indian woman was gang-raped by 13 men because of orders from the village court. The rape was considered punishment for having a relationship with a man from a different community.  

Police reported that her partner was tied up in the village square, while the rape happened in a mud house. After this horrific crime on January 20 in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, the woman is recovering in a hospital.

Lana Del Rey Makes Everything Creepy/Sexy, Even this Disney Song

Last night the new Maleficent trailer premiered at the Grammys, and while it was pretty cool to see Angelina Jolie rocking the pointy horns and the pointy cheekbones plotting evil against Fanning number two, the most on point part was Lana Del Rey’s haunting croon-rendition of “Once Upon a Dream”, the theme song from the original 1955

The Personality Issue: Why You May be Overeating

Do you often find yourself binging, overeating, or justifying having just one more cookie? Well turns out you may need to look to your personality type to find the root of this issue.  New research suggests there is a direct link between having a compulsive personality and consistent binge eating.

MOVE : An Amazing Travel Video

This is probably the coolest travel video you will ever see.

This dude went to 11 countries in 44 days, took the simplest idea - and ran with it!



Image: Flickr.com

For those "I hate my job" days

We all have them, those days where we sit at work brooding while we watch the time slowly tick away until we can go home and b*tch about how much we hate our jobs. Here's some food for thought.

"Lean In" Gets Movie Deal: Sheryl Sandberg to Take Over World

Following in the path of 2012’s What To Expect While You’re Expecting, Sony pictures officially wants to “Lean In.” The film studio has purchased the rights to Sheryl Sandberg’s 2013 book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will To Lead” for motion picture distribution. Sandberg is the COO for Facebook and “Lean In” addresses gender inequities in the workplace.

Kate Moss Gets Weird in Alexander McQueen's Serial Killer-Inspired Campaign

It's almost impossible to believe that in all the Kate Moss never had the chance to be the face of Alexander McQueen. The late British designer and the irreplaceable supermodels had been good friends, documenting their mutual affection long before Instagram, but despite their relationship, a campaign deal was never on the table – until now.

Terrifying Vibrator Looks Like "Cartoon Brontosaurus Proposing"

On the heels of their piece on fascinatingly phallic potatoes, TheNerve published a piece on a new vibrator that (after extensive testing) has been proven to help you reach a "third level orgasm." Journalist Kate Hakala reports the vibrator's primary distinction is the influence of expe

Love-Spurned French First Lady Goes on $3 Mill Rampage

In a bawdy blur of decadence, dalliance, and decidedly dastardly damsels, Valérie Trierweiler – longtime lover of French President François Hollande – has had a mother-flippin' meltdown – destroying more than three million dollars worth of property at the Élysée Palace.

Why you ask? Because her man was creepin' behind her back with a hot young thang 18 years his junior – actress Julie Gayet to be exact.