Alcohol: It Does a Body Good?

Science asserts that drinking in moderation—and no, not just red wine!—actually has very real cardiovascular benefits. Cheers! Read...
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Congressional Candidate James Woods Sends Condoms To Anti-Choice Group

Introducing James Woods: the atheist Congressional candidate who trolled anti-choice groups with brilliantly-labeled condoms. Read...
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Ah, the glory of the Frizz. Courtesy of YouTube

Netflix To Re-Vamp Magic School Bus Series: Awesome Or Awful?

Netflix's new take won't transport us back to the glorious School Bus days of yore, but it just might make learning cool again for a new crop of kids. Read...
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B.K.S. Iyengar (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Saying Goodbye to a Yoga Icon: How B.K.S. Iyengar Launched a Wellness Revolution

The man credited with bringing yoga to the Western world has passed away at 95. Read...
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All the Monarch Butterflies Are Dying—But You Can Help

As farming becomes increasingly industrialized, toxic herbicides have killed the milkweed plant that sustain monarch butterflies. Read...
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Watch: Think Your Pregnancy Was Bad? This Octopus Waited 53 Months For Her Eggs to Hatch

Scientists have discovered by far the longest documented egg-brooding period of any animal. And it's a doozy. Read...
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EarthArt Colors of the Earth. By Bernhard Edmaier and Angelika Jung-Hüttl. Phaidon Press. 224 Pages. $59.95.

Ravish It: EARTH—The Photography Book That's Busy Blowing Our Minds

Nature photographer Bernhard Edmaier just released his latest book. We're gaga for the gorgeousness. Read...
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New Study Reveals Surprising Link Between Religion and Drunken Violence

According to new research, the more religious the person, the more violent they become after imbibing. Read...
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