The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year may be named Ultra Violet (after the invisible light rays), but we can take it to mean EXTRA violet.

15 Plus-Size Fashionistas Show Us How To Rock Ultra Violet

With such an vibrant color and the intense feelings that come with it, ultra violet can be a little intimidating to style but these fashionistas rock Read...
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Before you even think about weight-loss, or doing something like the keto diet, you need to figure out how to live in your current body.

The Keto Diet (And Other “Fads”) And 6 Reasons You Should Avoid Them

When it comes to the Keto diet and other fads, you might lose weight, even a lot of weight, but the chances it will come back are far greater than Read...
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If sugar is the problem, then why stop at sugary drinks with this soda tax? Why isn’t there an éclair tax or a tiramisu tax?

Take The Cake: Soda Tax Is Bigotry Masquerading As A Public Health Initiative

The double standard of the soda tax is glaringly absurd, but grounded in a long history of selective regulation and bigoted attitudes. Read...
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The implications of heightism, height prejudice, are broad and troubling.

On Heightism: My Child Is More Than Adorable

Heightism. It sounds like a politically correct buzzword, but it’s a real prejudice. The implications of height prejudice are broad and troubling. Read...
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Fat people need Megyn Kelly and Maria Kang to STFU.

What Megyn Kelly And Maria Kang Think About Fat Shaming Doesn’t Matter

Megyn Kelly and her guest, Maria Kang, bragged about how having their loved ones fat shame them has been part of their fitness and nutrition routines. Read...
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This is low-maintenance chic!

 Low-Maintenance Chic Is For Every Body

These plus-size femmes talk about what happens when they reclaim their low-maintenance comfort zone. This is low-maintenance chic! Read...
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Instagram Photo Credit: Autumn @auaulynn

New Year, Nude You: Celebrating Plus-Size Bodies In 2018

We’re inundated with diet talk. But what about those of us who are content, or want to be happy as who we are? Let's celebrate - New Year, Nude You! Read...
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A "fat tax" is an additional fee that is charged to fat patrons by services like pedicurists, spas, even massage therapists.

The "Fat Tax" At Spas & Salons Is Discriminatory And Unacceptable

A "fat tax" is an additional fee that is charged to fat patrons by services like pedicurists, spas, even massage therapists. Sometimes it even goes Read...
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