Say Hello To Vaginismus, The Locked Vagina Syndrome

The intricacies of happy vaginas are ever baffling. Thanks again, Nature, for throwing us through a loop with this rare and terrifying sexual Read...
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I Grew Up With A Bipolar Mom—Then Learned I Have The Disorder Myself

I'll never forget the day I discovered the name for my mental illness. Read...
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Prison Denied Both Me And My Roommate Proper Cancer Treatment

As the property of the state, my life was in their hands—and they didn’t give a damn. Read...
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"I Am Not Broken:" Interview With An Asexual Woman

"I am not lying. I hold nothing against anyone. I am not looking to be fixed." Read...
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Things every Brazilian waxer wishes you would stop doing.

5 Things Every Brazilian Waxer Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Please do not have sex before your appointment. We can tell when you do. Here are other things every Brazilian waxer wishes you would stop doing. Read...
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Dear Politicians: Please Stop Spreading Lies About AIDS

Republican house candidate Bob Frey is seriously misinformed about AIDS. Let's get to the truth, shall we? Read...
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Listful Thinking: 4 Stars Who Have Handled Bulimia Struggles Way Better Than Lady Gaga

Gaga's vomit performance art has sparked outrage (and disgust). Here are other celebs who could school her on the right way to address experience Read...
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Smart, Fat and Complacent: America Knows Better, So Why Are We Still Obese?

We know it and hate to say it. Americans have gained a well-earned reputation around the world for being heavyweights when it comes to our waistlines Read...
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