It's not in the extraordinary tectonic life shifts that I learn the most about the world; it's in the mundane activities of everyday life.

Why Is This Woman Screaming At The Butcher?

There are some unique things about living on a mountain, one of them is undoubtedly the people. For example, the woman in Johnnie’s at the meat Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   10.17.18   |   SHARE
Loneliness was the hardest thing I faced when I lost my husband. The people who reached out to me when I was newly widowed probably saved my life.

What I Want You To Know About Widowhood

More importantly, when we lose our spouses, even if we’re at our worst, our friends and family need to come closer, not leave us to ourselves. Try Read...
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I saw myself and I knew there was nothing that fatphobia or my inner asshole could do to take away the beauty and the magic that was right before my eyes.

Take The Cake: How Being Photographed In My Underwear Changed The Way I Saw My Body

After years and years of fatphobia-induced body dysmorphia, it’s hard to actually just see my body with anything approaching objectivity. But when I Read...
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The pain of losing my pregnancy has set me free from the patriarchal office politics that have dictated so many of my days and so much of my mental space.

Non-Mother’s Day: How My Miscarriage Delivered Me From Secrecy

I called myself “mama” for the first time on the morning of the day that I miscarried. Read...
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Maybe God blessed me with a miserable virus so I could take a little break.

To The Doctor Who Said "God Bless You"

*/ /*-->*/ No, I didn’t get a flu shot this year. Or last year. Um, or the year before. And last week, I had the flu. I went to the Medemerge 30 Read...
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Image: Instagram/ roseganggg

Mothers And Daughters At The Chelsea Hotel

My mother and I may never see eye to eye on politics, and our value systems may seldom align. Sometimes it feels like we try to breach this divide; Read...
Patricia Grisafi    |   03.9.17   |   SHARE
Life has been such an incredible journey, teaching me all about my own hypocrisy.

The Last Two Times I Marched 

A million things happened in the 12 years between the two marches — including learning about my own hypocrisy. Read...
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