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We believed that we were always just one prayer away from seeing the fire. The fire was everything we hoped and prayed for and prophesized; we believed it could start with us.

Holy Fire: How My Pentecostal Faith Burnt My Life To The Ground

I was terrified of falling away from the faith I once believed in so strongly. We had to believe in the miracles because our day-to-day lives were so Read...
Carly Gelsinger    |   10.16.18   |   SHARE
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Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

My Parents Stole My Identity. I Won’t Let Them Steal My Future. 

I’ve built my life from ashes, and I’ve filled it with intentional kindness and trust. My parents stole yesterday. I won’t let them take tomorrow. Read...
Heather Sommerlad    |   10.2.18   |   SHARE
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Daughters are experts on their mothers; my sister and I see precisely what is changed — so changed — in my mother’s face.

Still Eleanor: The Brain Hemorrhage That Stole My Mother From Herself

Daughters are experts on their mothers; my sister and I see precisely what is changed — so changed — in my mother’s face. Read...
Leslie Kendall Dye    |   09.18.18   |   SHARE
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So many times in life, Daisy grew through the cracks, through what seemed like impossible obstacles.

Daisies Grow Through The Cracks: Losing A Friend To Suicide

I knew before I truly knew. When the icon revealing the new Facebook message from Daisy’s brother flashed on my screen, my heart fell to my feet. Read...
Lauren Jonik    |   08.7.18   |   SHARE
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When Grief Turns Superstition Into Compulsion

Superstition ruled my mind. More than I realized. I had no idea, within hours, there’d be no child to mother. And then he was gone. And we were Read...
Erica Landis    |   07.24.18   |   SHARE
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I'll Keep You Safe, Mom

I stood in the hallway and tentatively pushed the bathroom door open, holding my breath as I peered into the darkness, waiting for it to bump into Read...
Sam Milam    |   06.19.18   |   SHARE
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First, I tell her the love story, and also the heartbreak story, and she listens, even if she's heard so much of this before.

How My Alcoholic Ex Strengthened My Relationship With Our Daughter

As long as I give my daughter the space to talk, I feel like my alcoholic ex can strengthened my relationship with her. I hope she knows that I'm Read...
Rachel Sarah    |   06.5.18   |   SHARE
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Navigating The Delusions Of A Loved One

After my mother’s suicide in 2009, I was left with a gnawing sense of guilt. My mother had suffered from an undiagnosed delusional disorder. Read...
Gayle Brandeis    |   05.22.18   |   SHARE
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