IHOP Changed Their Name To IHOb — I Call Bullsh*t

In what might be the most absurd marketing move ever, IHOP has changed their name to IHOb. (The ‘b’ is Read...
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LuLaRoe has found themselves under siege recently.

LuLaRoe Founder Profits From Sending Consultants To Mexico For Weight Loss Surgery

The founder of LuLaRoe is not just encouraging, but profiting from, pushing her workforce to go to a questionable weight loss surgery clinic. Read...
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Should you drink coffee while pregnant?

Studies Show Yet Another Way In Which Everything Is My Fault

As if parenting isn’t hard enough, here comes another group of scientists bent on making us feel terrible for yet another thing. Read...
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Photo by Tess Nebula on Unsplash

The #MeToo Movement Is Not Making Waves Where I Live​

I doubt a day’s gone by when the #MeToo movement hasn’t been referenced in some way. I thought I’d finally have my day and say in court. Read...
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Image Credit: Netflix Queer Eye Reboot

Netflix's Queer Eye Reboot Is Redefining Masculinity

Queer Eye reboot endeavors to quash toxic masculinity and show men that exhibiting emotions and practicing self-care are valid and natural Read...
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FOSTA: The New Nightmare For Sex Workers And The People Who Love Them

FOSTA isn't actually about making it harder to engage in sex trafficking — it's about making it easier to target and punish sex workers. Read...
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Photo credit: Love Simon Movie Poster

I Came Out Online 10 Years Ago. Love, Simon Matters To Teens.

When I was in seventh grade, I logged onto my MySpace blog and wrote a short blog post about being gay and afraid to come out to my family and Read...
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Photo courtesy of the #AskFirst campaign.

#AskFirst: YouPorn & Danish Women’s Group Lead Fight Against Revenge Porn

As part of #AskFirst, YouPorn has launched a content removal page and dedicated educational YouPorn channel so victims can flag offending videos. Read...
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