Dominic Le Fort, Founder of California-based QEDU, aims to be the adult he needed when he was growing up.

QEDU Educates California Schools & Communites To Support LGBTQ Youth

Dominic’s own childhood experiences inspired him to start up QEDU, a California non-profit that educates and builds awareness of the LGBTQ community. Read...
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There is probably no holiday more boring than New Year’s Day.

Embracing Solitude On New Year’s Day

Eight years ago, I decided to claim New Year’s Day for myself after I passed a disappointing first Christmas alone in my apartment. Read...
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That Christmas Eve in Vegas changed me for life.

Christmas Eve Alone In Las Vegas       

That Christmas Eve in Vegas changed me for life. I’ve tried to remember not to deny myself the things I love about the holiday. Read...
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I deserved Peggy’s silence. I was a bad roommate.

I Was The Roommate From Hell

It’s hard to admit when you’re the bad guy. I was the roommate from hell. Read...
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Verbal and physical assaults on LGBTQ students happen in the halls, gyms, playgrounds, and classrooms of high schools across America.

#Bullied: Stop The Harassment Of Our LGBTQ Youth

We need to protect our LGBTQ youth. One in 10 LGBTQ students reported that school staff was part of the harassment or assault they experienced. Read...
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Drag isn't one-size-fits-all femininity. (image credit: Thinkstock)

What A Drag Queen Thinks About Female Beauty Standards

Being a Drag Queen isn't one-size-fits-all femininity. Not all real life women are glamorous and fabulous at all times, nor should we feel we have to Read...
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A story of friendship.

How A Muslim Mom & A Christian Retired Teacher Found Friendship Amidst Bigotry

This story of two strangers at a park reminds us of the value in human kindness and friendship. Friendship amidst bigotry. Read...
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I knew him. I trusted him. He did not rape me…or did he?!

Is It Rape If...

He was my junior year prom date, and we had done countless plays together in drama class. I knew him. I trusted him. He did not rape me…or did he?! I Read...
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