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Abortion Barriers In A Pro-Choice State Almost Killed Me

If my pro-choice state did not uphold barriers to abortion, I would not have lost use of my reproductive organs. Read...
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My great-grandmother died from an infection after a botched abortion.

Banning Abortion Isn’t Pro-Life: Anti-Choice Legislation Killed My Great-Grandmother

My great-grandmother died from an infection after a botched abortion. Read...
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Why I Refuse To Keep Paying The Unacceptable Cost Of Being A Black Woman In America Today

As a Black woman, I don’t have the luxury of not caring what others think about me. Read...
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The Wedding Dress That Promised Forever Taught Me Money Isn’t Everything

Selling my wedding dress was the final act of purging my failed three-year marriage. Read...
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After Incarceration — How Separated Families Reunite

The trauma from parental incarceration, especially when that parent is the primary caregiver, can have a profound impact on families. Read...
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Just Walk: An Excerpt From The Buddha Sat Right Here

Here I have one task — walk. No schedules to keep. No to-do list. Nobody paging me or pulling at my attention. Read...
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How Interracial Friendships Impact Black Female Mental Health

Growing up, I had a lot of access to people who looked like me. I was completely unaware of the struggles that accompany interracial friendships. Read...
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How T Kira Madden’s ‘Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls’ Made Me Stop Playing the Grief Olympics 

T Kira Madden’s debut, Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls, shifted my understanding of myself to a degree I’ve never experienced. Read...
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