Danielle Page is an editor, freelance writer and self-proclaimed cat connoisseur. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, AskMen, Women's Health and others. She lives in Astoria with her black cat, Nightmare.  


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From The Wet Reindeer to The Open Sleigh, here are the best sex positions for holiday quickies!

The Best Sex Positions For Holiday Quickies  

From The Wet Reindeer to The Open Sleigh, here are a few recommendations for the best sex positions for a quick shag session amidst the holiday hype.
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How to be a good kisser!

How To Be A Good Kisser: The Science Of Kissing

The act of kissing a partner feels good because it triggers a release of chemicals. Let's look at the science of kissing and learn how to be a good kisser.
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Here's what a few real women had to say about the not so standard turn-ons that really turns them on.

12 Women Share The Weirdest Thing About Men That Turns Them On

Here's what a few real women had to say about the not so standard turn-ons that really turns them on. From Helping out with chores to watching him pee.
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Sex positions for partners with a big height difference.

6 Sex Positions For Partners With A Big Height Difference

If you're dealing with a significant height difference between you and your partner, here are a few sex positions to try tonight that will get the job done.
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Dirty talk, at its core, is simply sexual communication.

6 Dirty Talk Tips From A Phone Sex Operator

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect—the more you talk dirty, the easier it becomes. Here are 6 dirty talk tips from a phone sex operator.
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5 foods for optimal vagina health.

5 Foods That Are Good For Your Vagina

As the saying goes, you are what you eat — meaning, what we put into our bodies affects our overall health. Here are 5 foods that are good for your vagina.
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If you're shopping for some new bling, why not go with a piece of jewelry that's designed to double as a sex toy? (Image Credit: Instagram/unboundbox)

Sex Toys You Can Wear As Jewelry

Whether you're into dangly earrings, chokers, pieces that are a bit more understated or have a funky flair, there's something on the market that's bound to fit with your style — and help unleash your... Read...
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"I'm not sure whether or not you can get addicted to a lube made from a drug, but I've been pretty hooked on this stuff ever since I first gave it a try."

This Is Your Vagina On Weed Lube

Operating your vagina without taking advantage of the latest sex products on the market is kind of like still using a flip phone. Sure, it gets the job done. But you don't know what you're missing... Read...
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Image via Unsplash (Amanda Jordan)

Steamy Updates To Classic Sex Positions

Looking to change things up in the sack? There are a ton of benefits to trying new sex positions.
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Honestly, the idea of being naked anywhere but a steaming hot shower seems unfathomable when degrees are in the negative.

Sex Positions For When It's Goddamn Freezing Out

There's no better time than the dead of winter to leverage the power of body heat and use what your mama gave you to keep that fire burning — sans the space heater.
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