Jennifer Lovy is an incessant writer, recovering attorney and perpetual advocate for her son with autism. In addition to writing for money (but hardly getting rich), she blogs about the joy and pain of raising a child with autism at You can connect with Jen on Facebook and Twitter

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Just wait until you’re a parent — you'll have your own confession list, too.

7 Confessions I Will Make To My Family (Eventually)

I was a much better parent before any of my three kids were born. Sometime in the future, maybe when we ship the kids off to college, I will confess the following...
Jennifer Lovy    |   03.8.17 12am   |   SHARE
What happens when you don't know if you don't know someone...

'Sorry, I Don't Recognize You:' Living With Face Blindness

Everybody's compensating for something, right? In my case, I am compensating for something called prosopagnosia.  Pro-so what? ... Read...
Jennifer Lovy    |   03.2.17 12am   |   SHARE