Nicole Paulus is an American expat currently residing in Berlin. She began her writing career as an angsty pre-teen scribbling poems in her journal whilst listening to Linkin Park on repeat. Like most millennials, her angst eventually blossomed into self-deprecation and sarcasm, thus making her the perfect contender for sculpting satirical stories. A reader recently commented under one of her articles, “It would have been a great article, had the author left aside this snotty attitude.”

When she isn’t busy writing snotty articles on the following sites — musicto.comiheartberlinReproJusticeand her own blog — she’s running her own digital marketing company Nico New Media or busting a move on the nearest dance floor.

Nicole Paulus's Articles

Despite how trendy you become or how much other women praise you, menstrual cups just aren’t for everybody.

Dear Menstrual Cup: Sorry, But We're Breaking Up For Good

Dear Menstrual Cup, we are over. Done. Finished. Finito. And not just because my period is ending. This time I mean it for good.
Nicole Paulus    |   05.10.18 12am   |   SHARE
“I will try to maintain some sort of normalcy today, regardless of what is coming out of me," I assured myself. (Image credit: Flickr/adifansnet)

To Anyone Who Doubts The Awesomeness Of Women, Here's What A Period Is Like IRL

I’m tired of men in suits making decisions on behalf of my lady parts. If you want to control my reproductive system, then you better go ahead and start controlling ALL that that entails, including... Read...
Nicole Paulus    |   07.27.17 12am   |   SHARE