Cathy is a Master Certified Relationship Coach and certified Marriage Educator. She is also the Managing Editor of For 11 years, Cathy was the Expert to Divorce Support where she covered all aspects of the divorce process. And in her spare time she blogs for the Divorce vertical of The Huffington Post.

Before turning to writing and editing as a career Cathy specialized in consulting with and educating/coaching clients before, during and after divorce.

Combined she has 13 years experience working one on one with divorcing clients, facilitating seminars and workshops for couples who are serious about building and nurturing a healthy relationship and, writing about divorce related issues. 

Cathy Meyer's Articles

The truth is, knowing “why” won’t keep it from happening again and it won’t lessen your pain.

Knowing Why He Cheated Doesn’t Keep Him From Cheating Again

Cheating: Does knowing why a cheater cheats change anything?
Cathy Meyer of DivorcedMoms    |   07.24.17 12am   |   SHARE
We don’t take lightly the decision to marry; we should not take lightly the decision to divorce.

Time To Divorce: Do You Know What To Expect During The Divorce Process?

If you aren’t emotionally prepared to maneuver the choppy waters of the legal divorce process, you are not ready to divorce.
Cathy Meyer of DivorcedMoms    |   07.17.17 12am   |   SHARE