Lilly Dancyger is a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to Playboy and Glamour. She's also the Deputy Editor of Narratively, and her first book, "HUNTED: A memoir of art and addiction" is forthcoming from Shanti Arts Press. Follow her on Twitter at @lillydancyger

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Esmé Weijun Wang Strips Away The Caricature of Schizophrenia

Freeing a human experience from of the muck of its stereotypes is especially important with something like the schizophrenias.
Lilly Dancyger    |   02.5.19 12am   |   SHARE
Photo: Lilly Dancyger

Wearing Dead People’s Clothing

Three of my favorite t-shirts used to belong to dead people. I wear them when I want to feel my departed loved ones close to me.
Lilly Dancyger    |   07.18.17 12am   |   SHARE