Reese Piper is Brooklyn based stripper and journalist. She frequently travels for work and has dabbled in other parts of the industry. She reports on sex work-specific challenges, migrant issues, and the secret lives of women with autism. She is one the founders of the FckShameProject, which is a space for sex workers to voice trauma without condemnation. Follow her on Twitter at the @thenudereporter. 

Reese Piper's Articles

Dear Mom: I'm A Stripper (Image: Reese Piper)

Dear Mom: I’m A Stripper 

This isn’t what you pictured for me at 26, I know, but it’s the best job for me. I transform into a primped, brazen stripper three days a week.
Reese Piper    |   12.7.17 12am   |   SHARE
As a sex worker, consent is complicated

I Am A Sex Worker And Consent Is Complicated

I have a choice here: either I tell him to stop, or I can avert his hands elsewhere. This is my life as a sex worker. Consent is complicated!
Reese Piper    |   11.27.17 12am   |   SHARE