Sarah Garone is a mom, wife, nutritionist, and freelance writer in Mesa, AZ. She loves music and travel, speaks German, and does a lot of running (to counterbalance the surprising amount of cookies she eats for being a nutritionist). Find her sharing great recipes and helpful nutrition info at A Love Letter to Food.

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For several years in my late 20s and early 30s, health anxiety had a stranglehold on my life — and it started from a scary place.

I Recovered From Health Anxiety (And So Can You)

These days, I can’t say I’m never hit with anxiety about an unexpected pain or a weird lump. But when fear creeps in, I stick to some helpful guidelines.
Sarah Garone    |   04.13.18 12am   |   SHARE
Photo by Bence Boros on Unsplash

I’ll Admit It: I’m A Crappy Facebook Friend

When it comes to Facebook, I find my usually adequate social skills are sometimes lacking. To put it bluntly, I am not a good Facebook friend.
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