Sofia is a Los Angeles-based writer and performer. She enjoys eating and laughing. Her work has also appeared on xoJane in addition to LadyClever and Bustle.

Sofia Barrett-Ibarria's Articles

Gluten: A Story of Love, Loss, And Processed Carbohydrates

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as another evening on my couch with an assortment of cheeses and confusing sexual fantasies about Jamie Oliver.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   02.10.15 4pm   |   SHARE

Sad, But True: Here’s Why Personality-Based Dating Apps Will Never Work

We think we want someone “nice” with a “sparkling personality,” but in the primal crevices of our brains, online daters just want to bone hotties.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   11.14.14 2pm   |   SHARE

7 Reasons "Bitchy" Shouldn't Be A Bad Word

Amy Poehler's new book Yes Please is bringing about a real bitchaissance. It's time to take bitchy back.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   11.7.14 5pm   |   SHARE

Who’s The Baddest Of Them All? A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 7 Most Kick-ass Witches Of All Time

Time to gather the coven for a celebration of the baddest, smartest and most subversively crazy-sexy-cool witches of all time.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   10.31.14 8pm   |   SHARE

The Problem With FCKH8’s “Potty Mouth Princesses” Video—And The Company's Other "Activism"

FCKH8 claims to have an "activist heart" and be committed to social change but . . .
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   10.30.14 3pm   |   SHARE

The Problem With 'Railway Romeo' And What To Do If You Meet Him

Ladies, dry your tears. No longer must you spend your lonely nights swiping left on Tinder (for the 374th time). Railway Romeo is here.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   10.16.14 11am   |   SHARE

This Is What Femme Looks Like

Sometimes, actually, a lot of the time, I feel like an invisible queer.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   10.10.14 2am   |   SHARE

Ravish It: OUTsider Festival Could Be A New Home For Queer Artists

The first of its kind in the U.S., OUTsider aims to educate and entertain while establishing a new creative home for queer artists.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   10.6.14 3pm   |   SHARE

Why Thai Teen Drama Hormones Could Shift Social Morays

If you can pull yourself from the onslaught of fall TV that’s streaming from every imaginable device . . . you need to watch "Hormones."
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   09.30.14 11am   |   SHARE

8 Queer Icons Who Actually Identify As Queer

While Cher, Dolly Parton, and Beyonce draw a sizeable portion of their fanbase from the gay community, these gay icons don’t actually identify as gay.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria    |   09.26.14 2am   |   SHARE