Evette Dionne tells and edits stories about race, gender and culture. Her work has been published in dozens of outlets, including the New York TimesClutch Magazine, Bustle, xoJane and UPTOWN Magazine. Dionne is also a critical media studies scholar and eighth grade teacher who examines black female sexualities and pleasure in multiple texts, including romantic comedies. She is based in Denver.

Evette Dionne's Articles

Why Shonda Rhimes And Oprah’s Convo About Marriage Is Revolutionary

In her conversation with Winfrey, Rhimes admitted that one of the realizations she had is that she has no desire to get married.
Evette Dionne    |   12.2.15 12am   |   SHARE

I'm Worth More Than My BMI: I've Lost 57 Pounds...And?

“You’re getting thin, gal!” My mom said as I strutted through the archway of my parents’ front door. “Thanks mom,” I muttered. It was the fifth time I’d heard the compliment in recent weeks. Close... Read...
Evette Dionne    |   11.9.15 10pm   |   SHARE

Literary Life Lessons From 5 Extraordinary Black Female Protagonists

Literature provides space for Black women to see happiness and triumph.
Evette Dionne    |   03.27.15 10am   |   SHARE

For Black Women, Self-Care Is A Radical Act

Placing ourselves at the center of our lives is an act of political warfare.
Evette Dionne    |   03.9.15 12pm   |   SHARE

Why I Decided To "Shack" With My Boyfriend—Despite The Religious Objections Of My Family

Several of my relatives—especially those steeped in religion—have balked at our decision.
Evette Dionne    |   02.17.15 1am   |   SHARE

I'm A Hip-Hop Feminist Dating A Patriarchal Man

Every interaction is filtered through the lens of my commitment to feminism, except for my choice in who I couple with.
Evette Dionne    |   11.13.14 2am   |   SHARE

Stop Calling Me A "Strong Black Woman"

Calling black women "strong" disregards how this language has historically been used to harm and control us.
Evette Dionne    |   10.23.14 3pm   |   SHARE