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I'm An MRA-Bashing Feminist—But Because I'm Male, Trolls Leave Me Alone

No one has ever threatened violence against me, or said I was too ugly to rape. Why? Male privilege.
James S. Fell    |   03.23.15 12pm   |   SHARE

When's The Right Time To Stop Mid (Consensual) Sex? Any Time Your Partner Says "Stop" 

Life is not like Temple of Doom. If she wants to get away you can't crack your whip, reel her back, and expect her to be grateful.
James S. Fell    |   01.7.15 4pm   |   SHARE

Why It's Time For Male Allies To Fight Men's Rights Activists

As a man who has benefited from feminism, I call out MRA bullshit.
James S. Fell    |   12.10.14 5pm   |   SHARE