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If you go, you and I have a chance to be we again.

I Love You So Much; I Want You To Go 

If you go, I’ll have to pick up all the dog poop. I will have to take out the trash. I will have to sleep alone.
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Here’s what I know right now: my story will have many more ups and downs.

I Have An Eating Disorder: An Introspective  

Being a human is hard. Being a human with an eating disorder is inexplicably hard. Every time I think I have control over the situation, my eating disorder pulls a fast one on me and reminds me what... Read...
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This is not a pretty story, but it is a true one.

That Time I Had A Hole In My Vagina (Not THAT Hole)

I love the concept of the divine yoni: of the beautiful and powerful nature of femininity, of being a creator and life-giver, and of vaginas being the very source, origin and gateway of life. I love... Read...
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Having a compulsive need to workout is a struggle to overcome.

I Skipped The Gym & That's Okay

Living with OCD and overcoming compulsions or obsessions is not a linear process. I’ve had several bouts of compulsions in my life, and even if I’ve resolved one, it’s likely another will reveal... Read...
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The toxic ripples of Election 2016. (Image Credit: Unsplash / Drew Hays)

This Election Cycle Has Ruined My Sex Drive

... the last thing I want to do is open my legs for a man to penetrate me. Or to pleasure a man with any part of my body. Even if that man is my loving fiancé, who does listen, who does understand (... Read...
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I wonder what I should have done then, what I can do now.

After 12 Years, My Husband Changed His Mind

This article first appeared on Mamamia and has been republished with permission.  You never think the person you love and trust... Read...
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I had to choose my own health and happiness over having a dad.

Why I Don't Regret Ending My Relationship With My Alcoholic Father 

My own father was, and still is an alcoholic, and is no longer a part of my life. Although he was never violent, his alcoholism still deeply affected and damaged our family, and me.
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Wouldn’t it be nice to smoke just a tiny bit of it?

Mom Fail: My Kid Caught Me Getting High

I lit-up, inhaled, and slowly released the sweet smoke. It was beautiful and relaxing until I was interrupted with these, dreaded, words: “MOM?! Are you smoking?”
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How could I have made someone feel so bad? (Image: Thinkstock)

I Was A School Bully And Until Recently, I Had No Idea

This article originally appeared on Mamamia and has been republished with permission.  I hated school, I... Read...
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I only took a few drags, not sure how I would handle it, and not wanting to get too altered, after all these years. Image: Thinkstock.

Domestic Dope: One Housewife, Half A Gram, And A Clean-A** House

I’ll be the first to admit that a large part of my twenties was spent in a euphoric haze brought on by fairly regular pot smoking. I loved the stuff — and it certainly loved me. I don't feel I ever... Read...
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