By day, Kitty Stryker is a 30-year-old presenter/writer/cat herder, assistant pornographer at TROUBLEfilms, and freelance marketer. By night? She's a geeky porn starlet, queer sex klown, and pervy My Little Pony, reinventing porn culture by exploding one tired trope at a time.

She's an experienced speaker/performer around many aspects of sexuality, from threesomes and bondage to the history of institutionalizing of sexual expression to the psychology of kink. She also does lot of activism work, particularly with Consent Culture, addressing boundary violations and the effects of -isms within the kink/altsex community. She aligns herself in solidarity with trans* women, people of colour, sex workers, and sex negative feminism.

Kitty Stryker's Articles

How I Learned To Stop Worrying About My Love Of Money

Everything I was struggling with came down to a need for financial stability.
Kitty Stryker    |   04.10.15 2pm   |   SHARE

My Fight Against Hoarding

I remember feeling emotional distress when my parents got rid of one of their old cars—I felt they were killing it.
Kitty Stryker    |   04.5.15 1am   |   SHARE

Freedom Of Speech Should Not Protect Hate Speech—Or Violent Threats Online

Freedom of speech always comes at a price—and that price becomes steeper the more marginalized you are.
Kitty Stryker    |   03.1.15 4am   |   SHARE

After Years Of BDSM, Missionary Position Is Now My Biggest Perversion

I kind of like looking like a boring straight couple and knowing that when we get back home it's going to be biting and spitting and face slapping.
Kitty Stryker    |   02.22.15 10am   |   SHARE

Why Your Favorite Fantasy Is Problematic

No, it’s not "just fantasy." Maybe in a better-educated world it would be, but here, it is an active reinforcement of norms.
Kitty Stryker    |   02.16.15 5pm   |   SHARE