Everyone has affectionately called Tamar by her nickname “Tami” since she was a tot. Tami is 36 years-old and lives in Rockland County, NY with her husband and three energetic and adorable children. Professionally, she has been working as a pediatric school-based Occupational Therapist for nearly fifteen years. She is currently working on her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, getting into deep discussions about women’s and couple’s issues, writing, reading, and driving her kids from one entertaining activity to the next.

Tamar Saperstein's Articles

11 Myths On How To Raise Respectful Children

Is it just me, or is our society’s youth today really struggling with respect? I’ve worked with kids for years and I’ve got three children of my own. Things that didn’t fly when I was a kid (and that... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   01.22.16 2pm   |   SHARE

The Mommy Guilt And What It Means To Have It All

In less than two years, I went from the fast-paced life of having a full-time job, while attending graduate school and going out with my friends at night, to being married and a full-time stay-at-... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   06.4.15 2am   |   SHARE

10 Tips For Creating Better Mental Health

Life happens. It’s a reality we all face. We all have unique personal challenges and stresses. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to go through life constantly feeling stressed or unhappy. Good... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   06.1.15 2am   |   SHARE

A Simple Way to Prevent Vaginal and Urinary Tract Infections

When I was first married, I found myself constantly suffering from painful and awful vaginal and urinary tract infections. The doctor prescribed the same regimen of antibiotics for each type of... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.25.15 2am   |   SHARE

How I Learned To Forgive And Heal

Letting go and forgiving is difficult, but necessary to build security and heal old wounds that weigh down your soul.
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.24.15 7am   |   SHARE

The Difference Between Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorders

The symptoms of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder can often overlap. Understanding the difference is a first step in getting proper care for them and yourself, and being able to... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.22.15 2am   |   SHARE

Why Women Should Look Forward To 40

If you're a woman, in or near your forties, and a perpetual people-pleaser, I have good news for you! You're about to enter a new stage of psychological wisdom and maturity. The people-pleasing that... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.18.15 2am   |   SHARE

How I Coped After Surviving Two Miscarriages 

There was no reason why I should have miscarried, or so I thought. I found a thousand reasons to blame myself. Had I gotten enough rest? Was I getting enough nutrition? As my mind searched for... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.15.15 10am   |   SHARE

Lest We Never Forget: My Grandfather's Holocaust Story 

I was the last generation fortunate enough to have personally known survivors of the Holocaust. My mother’s parents were both... Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.11.15 4am   |   SHARE

Why I Turned My Back On Divorce

"How could I truly know after only two years, whether my marriage could just be a mistake?"
Tamar Saperstein    |   05.6.15 4am   |   SHARE