Issa Puppi is a corporate executive with a background in the study of literature. For the past decade, she has been working through the ranks of operational management in the public and private sectors, but over the last few years has gradually begun to turn back to her first love—writing. In addition to her novel Overture, which is now available for purchase on, Issa maintains a blog titled The Torrid Forties, contributes regularly to digital forums, and is currently at work on the second book in the Overture series. Issa resides in Northern New Jersey and South Florida with her husband and young son.

Issa Puppi's Articles

What Sheryl Sandberg Has Wrong About Dads

If I were a dude, the presumption that fathers don't take as active a parenting role as mothers, full stop, would anger me.
Issa Puppi    |   04.29.15 3am   |   SHARE

My Reunion With Prague 16 Years After First Visiting—And What It Taught Me About Myself   

As Prague and I get reacquainted with each other, I notice with interest how the lens of a 26 year-old varies from that of a 41 year-old.The last time I visited Prague, I was hot. And... Read...
Issa Puppi    |   03.21.15 9am   |   SHARE

How I Learned To Love My Silver Hair

The enchantress is there, waiting patiently under layers of numbered dyes.
Issa Puppi    |   03.15.15 8am   |   SHARE