Miguel Sabogal is a writer and photographer living in New York City. He was educated at the Johns Hopkins University and Maryland Institute College of Art. Follow him on Twitter @mrsabogal.

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OkCupid: A Man’s Cautionary Tale For The Ladies, Manly Men Vs. Hipster Dudes

I recently returned to the online dating arena and was immediately reminded of why I left. As a man interested in the arts I find myself at odds with that acme of the stereotypical alpha male, bare... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   07.22.15 2am   |   SHARE

From The Male Perspective: What I Learned From Wearing Skinny Jeans

“Those are the tightest jeans I’ve ever seen on a man,” my then roommate Josh told me one day in our kitchen circa 2008. Far from an insult, I was pleased by his assessment.
Miguel Sabogal    |   07.9.15 2am   |   SHARE

Boys With Toys: The Civil War On Gun Control And Terrorism 

The United States is a place with binary opinions. In that spirit of drastic over-simplification there are two wars being carried out on in the United States in 2015, a war on foreign terrorism and a... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   06.30.15 2am   |   SHARE

Selling Out: The Gentrification Of Brooklyn

Folks rail the most against “types.” A white girl with a shaved head living in a non-white neighborhood is a type. She is also a gentrifier. It doesn’t matter whether she is a starving artist or... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   06.29.15 4pm   |   SHARE

Silk Road: The Digital War On Drugs Has Just Begun

With the conviction of Ross Ulbricht in The Silk Road Trial, the United States federal government is claiming a substantial new victory on the war on drugs. The war on drugs is frustrating to dissect... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   06.11.15 2am   |   SHARE

The Value of Caitlyn Jenner

Everyone is talking about Caitlyn Jenner, including those who don’t want to talk about her. She is familiar with the paradox. When she called herself Bruce, he didn’t want to talk about her either.... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   06.8.15 2am   |   SHARE

The Aftermath of Freddie Gray's Homicide: A Pot Simmers In Baltimore

In 2015’s newsworthy year-end reviews, Baltimore will be mentioned. The reviews will read that Baltimore was just another American inner city pot that... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   05.9.15 4am   |   SHARE

Modern Artist Or Misogynist?

A walk through a popular museum of art or a search on the internet makes it abundantly clear that the portrayal of women is a popular subject in painting. More often than not they are unclothed.... Read...
Miguel Sabogal    |   05.6.15 12am   |   SHARE

One Of The Many Things The Media Has Wrong About The Black Community

Absent in the media narrative is the existing community of adult black individuals currently engaged and interested in civil dialogue.
Miguel Sabogal    |   04.30.15 7am   |   SHARE

Minority Notes From The Underground Music Scene

In Baltimore I watched as the fantasy element of the music scene grew from a seed of charming oddness into an escapist monster.
Miguel Sabogal    |   04.22.15 3pm   |   SHARE