Chris Huqueriza is a freelance writer with a passion for contributing to the LGBT community. He’s written for dot429, Out & Equal, the Bay Area Reporter and Ashcan Magazine. He’s also an avid film aficionado especially with Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock and Elizabeth Taylor films. On his free time, he likes to write in his personal blog ( and post his current lookbook outfits. He’s very proud he’s reached over 1,000 outfits!

Chris Huqueriza's Articles

Kristen Stewart Reveals Hollywood Sexism In Amazing Sketch

In a prank presented by Funny or Die, actress Kristen Stewart set up a mock press junket and switched the questions for her American Ultra costar Jesse Eisenberg to ones commonly asked to women,... Read...
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.7.15 10am   |   SHARE

Nicki Minaj Is Creating Her Own Video Game

We’ve seen her judge American Idol, act in movies, and now featured in her very own . . . videogame?
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.7.15 10am   |   SHARE

Boy Watching Cartoon About Owls Is Surprised By Actual, Real-Life Owl

Father Marlo Sarmiento and his 5-year-old son, Ollie, were watching an animated TV show about owls when an actual, real-life owl thumped at their window –– probably interested in watching the show... Read...
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.6.15 9am   |   SHARE

Cop Touches Woman's Boob, Charges Her With Assault

200 bra-clad protestors have gathered in Hong Kong to protest the arrest of a woman accused of assaulting a police officer with her breast. The angry crowd has adopted a pretty straightforward chant... Read...
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.5.15 10am   |   SHARE

Kermit And Miss Piggy Call It Quits And Ruin Our Childhoods

This is worse than Bennifer.
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.5.15 10am   |   SHARE

Mindy Kaling Calls Out The TV Industry, And Wins At Life

This girl, though.
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.4.15 10am   |   SHARE

Like, EhMiGawd, Tiger Beat Is Making A Comeback!

Just tell your adolescent self to hang tight, okay?
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.4.15 11am   |   SHARE

Fantastic Four Cast Nails Idiotic Interviewers' Racist And Foot Fetish-y Questions

Media: Let's ask better questions.
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.3.15 9am   |   SHARE

Colleen Ballinger Sings To Her Trolls And The Money They've Made For Her

When life hands you trolls, turn them into rent money.
Chris Huqueriza    |   08.3.15 10am   |   SHARE

Notorious RBG Drops Knowledge On Abortion Access, Like A Boss

Please don't ever leave the Supreme Court, RBG.
Chris Huqueriza    |   07.31.15 11am   |   SHARE