Cathy Reisenwitz is a D.C.-based writer. She is Editor-in-Chief of Sex and the State and her writing has appeared in The Week, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, The Daily Beast, VICE Motherboard, Reason magazine, Talking Points Memo and other publications. She has been quoted by the New York Times Magazine and has been a columnist at and Bitcoin Magazine. Her media appearances include Fox News and Al Jazeera America. She serves on the Board of Advisors for the Center for a Stateless Society.

Cathy Reisenwitz's Articles

Why Anti-Feminism Is Misandrist and Misogynistic

To oppose feminism requires either slandering it (accusing it of being something else) or opposing the goal of equality. Opposing equality of the sexes is either misogynistic, misandrist, or both.
Cathy Reisenwitz    |   07.9.15 1pm   |   SHARE

Getting Divorced Saved Me

I would have thought getting married and divorced would give me some kind of insight into marriage, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned through it all is that humans are terrible at predicting how we... Read...
Cathy Reisenwitz    |   06.25.15 2am   |   SHARE

Trans Women Don't Need Radfems' Gender Policing 

Trans-exclusionary radical feminism is by definition bigoted against trans women. That doesn't mean bigots don't sometimes have a point. It was frustrating to watch both sides of the divide on the... Read...
Cathy Reisenwitz    |   06.10.15 4am   |   SHARE