I'm a relationship expert and motivational coach.  My goal is to get you to slow down in order for you to evaluate your life and examine the choices that you're making.  Is this the life that you imagined?  Do you often ask yourself, is this it?  

Together we will create an action plan to get you exactly what you want.  Whether that comes in the form of a better relationship, a new career, or transforming your lifestyle, I'll be right beside you every step of the way.  

There are two moments in time when we are forced to slow down, when someone close to us dies or when we are given bad news from the doctor. My hope is that I can reach you before something like that does.

I have always been obsessed with love and happiness and the bulk of my research and expertise comes from helping couples find their way back to love. That's why I wrote a book called Back 2 Love (set to release in the summer of 2015).  In the book I talk about the three keys to living a happy life and having a successful relationship and they are--slowing down, simplifying, and savoring. 

If this is our one shot--why waste time doing something that doesn't bring us happiness.  If we don't slow down now we'll miss the life we were created to have.  

Jessica M. Miller's Articles

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