Carrie is an author, recipe creator, food lover, and feels super pumped about connecting people in her online community, With a great sense of humor, warmth, and vulnerability, Carrie brings genuine reality to the Internet, along with tasty food and slightly inappropriate jokes. After receiving her paramedic medical training, Carrie spent a decade abroad and in the U.S. in the non-profit medical sector, before venturing into the world of Ayurveda and integrated health in 2011.

Carrie uses her skills mostly for good these days, and helps clients from all over the world meet their health goals. She loves spending time around the table with her young son, partner, family, and friends. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Carrie Saum's Articles

Fig Butter and Goat Cheese Flatbread

Fig Butter And Goat Cheese Flatbread

*/ /*-->*/ Last July, my body birthed a tiny baby girl. Her name is Haven. (Here she is!) Pretty adorable, right? Her little light is so bright, I almost can’t stand it. She eats, she sleeps, she... Read...
Carrie Saum    |   01.12.18 10am   |   SHARE
I know it feels like you're falling apart. You're not alone!

When You Feel Like You're Falling Apart, You're Not Alone

I know it feels like you're falling apart. It's the kind that happens when I have overcommitted and then something goes wrong and everything else spirals.
Carrie Saum    |   01.10.18 12am   |   SHARE
(illustrated by Sanna Thijs @fulloffreckles)

How To Chill Your Adrenals Out

Chronic stress secretes a hormonal cocktail that wreaks havoc on that amazing body you have. Here's how you can chill your adrenals and reduce stress.
Joni Edelman & Carrie Saum   |   01.8.18 10am   |   SHARE
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse (Vegan and Gluten Free!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse (Vegan and Gluten Free!)

Babes, I am ready to be done with all of the treats. I love the treats. Who doesn’t love waking up and eating cookies for breakfast? I know I do.
Carrie Saum    |   01.6.18 1am   |   SHARE
Choosing the way I wanted to feel in my life felt so much more intuitive than trying to eek out intellectual goals.

3 Resolutions That Have Zero To Do With Your Body

You are more than a body; you are more than your achievements and goals. Here are three resolutions that have nothing to do with your body.
Carrie Saum    |   01.3.18 12am   |   SHARE
Who needs another sugary treat this year? Try Bitter Buddy Mix!

Bitter Buddy Snack Mix Recipe

Bitter Buddy Mix is a take on an old familiar recipe of rice cereal mixed with chocolate and peanut butter, then coated with powdered sugar.
Carrie Saum    |   12.21.17 3pm   |   SHARE
The amount of mental/emotional/invisible labor that we carry out every day takes a toll.

It Is OK To Be Exhausted

The amount of mental/emotional/invisible labor that we carry out every day, in addition to kids and regular work, takes a toll. It's okay to be exhausted.
Carrie Saum    |   12.20.17 12am   |   SHARE
Part cookie, part fudge, part heaven in your mouth - white chocolate cranberry cookie fudge!

The Most Lovely White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Fudge Recipe (And Video!)

Every now and then, I produce something in my kitchen that actually blows my own mind. Heaven in your mouth - white chocolate cranberry cookie fudge!
Carrie Saum    |   12.14.17 9am   |   SHARE
Sleep. Everybody wants it. Nobody gets enough of it.

Sleep For Your Dosha Type

Sleep is everything! It's so much more than just feeling like you can function well. You know that but do you know how to sleep for your dosha type?
Joni Edelman & Carrie Saum   |   12.12.17 12am   |   SHARE
Help! My family loves Trump.

How To Love Your Family That Loves Trump 

Family is family and long after this president is out of office. Here is how I intend to keep my relationship even though my family loves Trump.
Carrie Saum    |   12.11.17 12pm   |   SHARE