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3 Things Non-Christians Wish Christians Would Remember During The Holidays

What about the almost 30% of Americans who aren’t Christian? Speaking as a Jew, it can be an awkward time, especially with school concerts, holiday parties, and all the ways Christmas permeates... Read...
Katie Simpson    |   12.23.16 12am   |   SHARE
It’s time we get our facts straight. Image: Thinkstock.

8 Myths About Sexual Assault That Everyone Needs To Ditch

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Unfortunately, you probably know someone who has been sexually assaulted. 1 out of 6 American women are survivors of attempted or completed rape. It’s not... Read...
Katie Simpson    |   04.13.16 12am   |   SHARE

Why It's Really Not About You, It's Them (And Their Ego)

Easier said than done, and the statement is true: people are often very selfish or self-centered. They do things to prop themselves up or feel better about themselves. If we can take the time to step... Read...
Katie Simpson    |   11.27.15 8pm   |   SHARE

5 Reasons Cats Are Self-Care Gurus

Yet cats are more than awesome companions: By nature, they show many great self-care tips, especially for women.
Katie Simpson    |   10.21.15 12am   |   SHARE

Why It’s Essential To Learn How To Communicate While Dating 

I went on a date last week. We had drinks, we chatted — an overall good night. At the end he asked me, “Do you want to go somewhere?” I said “sure,” thinking it was just a walk.
Katie Simpson    |   10.6.15 12am   |   SHARE

5 Tips For Dating If You Have Mental Illness

A part of me gets it. If you’ve never had any mental illness, who wants to date a crazy person? Many people think of mental illness in extremes and stereotypes, i.e., depressed people never get out... Read...
Katie Simpson    |   09.21.15 12am   |   SHARE