Amber Batts is a single mother of two amazing kids, who is currently residing at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. She was sentenced to 5 years flat August 2015, for sex trafficking in the 2nd degree, for operating an escort agency in Alaska. She plans to detail and write about her experiences with the State of Alaska Department of Corrections through this ordeal. If you would like to write her, her address is Amber Batts #322410
Hiland Mountain Correctional Center 
9101 Hesterberg Rd.
Eagle River, Alaska 99577.

She also has a Crowd rise fund raising page to help support her kids while she is incarcerated.

Amber Batts's Articles

I brought up other instances the other women had shared with me about the double standards we face at the halfway house. Image: Thinkstock.

Letters From The Inside: Life In The Halfway House

Until recently, I had not experienced any adverse issues at the halfway house. I know a few other women that received write-ups for minor things, like talking to the men or getting off the bus at the... Read...
Amber Batts    |   04.15.16 12am   |   SHARE

Letters From The Inside: The First Time I Had Sex For Money

I was too young then to wear a wire, and the DA, a scary albino man, had me point to an ugly plain doll and tell him what happened.
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Letters From The Inside: Zeitgeist In Alaska

The war on drugs has turned into the war on sex. Prostitution was a part of Alaska before it became a state. Independent minded women came during the gold rush to acquire their share of riches.
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Imprisoned For Sex Trafficking: A Letter From The Inside

Now I wake up every morning in a jail cell. I make my instant coffee and get ready for work. I press on toward the day I can go home and be with my kids. I don’t know when that will be.
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