Lex Gjurasic is an artist, writer and sometimes psychic orginally from rainy Seattle now drying out in Tucson AZ. In 1984 she won the title of Little Miss Washington. Gjurasic's visual pursuits can be viewed at


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It's raining Yaz!

I Still Shop At Hobby Lobby — Even Though It's Run By Bigots

While the Supreme Court deliberated Hobby Lobby’s 2013 case against Obamacare, I took to social media to stoically announce: “I’m never shopping at Hob Lob again.” But I did. Over time, Hobby Lobby... Read...
Lex Gjurasic    |   05.6.16 12am   |   SHARE
image credit: Lex Gjurasic

UN-Brand My Art: The Case For Creating Outside The Capitalist Box

Since the turn of the last century the art world has seen the decline of the Artist (capital A) and the rise of the “artrepreneur,” the “creative careerist” and the myriad of other fanciful terms... Read...
Lex Gjurasic    |   03.24.16 12am   |   SHARE