Vedavati M., AKA The Cultural Misfit, is a stay-at-home-mom who revels in her various avatars (chef, mentor, friend, playmate, arts and crafts buddy, puppeteer, milk machine, comforter, and more) for her toddler. Her secondary pursuits include writing and exploring new experiences. Somewhere in the mix, she remembers to be a wife. You can follow her travails at The Cultural Misfit

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If I don't start embracing the body I am in, my daughter loses, too. Image: Dahiana Candelo/Unsplash.

My Post-Pregnancy Body Doesn't Feel Like It's Mine Anymore

I understand that feeling good is far more important than looking good. But it's hard to not get caught up in the frenzy to lose all the baby weight when that's the only thing everyone seems to... Read...
Vedavati M.    |   07.1.16 12am   |   SHARE
My daughter will be who she will be despite me, not because of me. Image: Thinkstock.

I Am The Mother I Am Because Of The Mother I Had

To blame [my mother] for all parts of me that are broken wouldn't be kind. She isn't responsible for who I am today. That said, on a subconscious level, I am the mother I am because of the mother I... Read...
Vedavati M.    |   06.14.16 12am   |   SHARE
I had nary a trace of fear or dread. Just a sense of well-being. Image: Thinkstock.

I Chose To Have A C-Section, And It Was Totally Fine

[CN: childbirth, pregnancy] "You're asking for C-section? You?!" [my obstetrician] almost shrieked.
Vedavati M.    |   05.19.16 12am   |   SHARE
She's so much more than "those terrible twos" everyone keeps asking me about. Image: Thinkstock.

I Don't Think Parenting Is Miserable — I Actually Love It!

Nothing felt overwhelming. Not the initial cracked nipples or sleepless nights; not the constant babywearing or lullaby-singing; not the occasional cravings or muscle aches. Through hormonal changes... Read...
Vedavati M.    |   05.13.16 12am   |   SHARE
These well-meaning souls tell me my 2-year-old “needs” a sibling. No, she doesn't. Image: Thinkstock.

In Praise Of The Only Child

I had all my parents' attention, all the time. Yes, it felt a little much at times, but it also made me a great conversationalist. Hanging out around adults was calming. They didn't pull my hair or... Read...
Vedavati M.    |   05.2.16 12am   |   SHARE
Today, you didn't need me. You didn't look for me. You didn't call for me. Image: Thinkstock.

Changing Motherhood: When Your Baby's No Longer A Baby

Just as you're learning to navigate the world by yourself, I guess it's time for me to relearn the ropes of motherhood. To patiently watch you find your wings, to sit in the shadows and watch you fly... Read...
Vedavati M.    |   04.27.16 12am   |   SHARE
Baby snuggles beat husband snuggles. Because farts.

5 Reasons I'd Rather Share A Bed With My Toddler Than My Husband

We have been together for 15 years and parents for two. We've had sex at all times of the day and night. Every day of the week. Indoors and outdoors. We've played out our fantasies. And indulged our... Read...
Vedavati M.    |   04.18.16 12am   |   SHARE