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A Bachelor finale that provided precious few reasons to celebrate. (Image Credit: Instagram/nickviall)

The Bachelor Finale: The Rachel Show Steals All Nick's Thunder

Rachel has been stealing all Nick's thunder since this whole season started. She effortlessly acquired the coveted "First Impression Rose," but discarded the villain edit that usually comes with it.... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   03.14.17 10am   |   SHARE
The Women Tell All is basically a Corinne rally. (Image Credit: Instagram/bachelorabc)

Bachelor Review: 3 Hours Of 'Emotional Intelligence' Getting Its Butt (Mostly) Kicked

Time for "The Women Tell All" Which Usually Gets Its Own Episode, But Whatever, ABC, Let's Do This. This is actually a Corinne Rally. And it's pretty terrifying to see "Make America Corinne Again"... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   03.7.17 7am   |   SHARE
Most sexually explicit episode of The Bachelor... ever? (Image Credit: Instagram/nickviall)

Bachelor Review: #GDFR - Raven, Andi Get Explicit About Getting Down + Possible Sexpocalypse Ahead

This teensy little Bachelor episode is only an hour long, but it's one enormous, platinum vagine tease from start to finish.  We begin where it all started for Nick. With Andi, the woman who made him... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   02.28.17 7am   |   SHARE
Hometown dates always provoke lots of emotions... and revelations about identity in America. (Image Credit: Instagram/bachelorabc)

Bachelor Review: Hometown Identity Lessons In Hoxie, Dallas, Miami, & Montreal

Your hometown is not just some rando locale where you grew up. It's your entire identity, basically. It's the setting for your self-made reality: "This is who I am," chirps Raven. That's why Nick... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   02.21.17 7am   |   SHARE
It's not gonna work out for Rachel and Nick. And that's great news for America. (Image Credit: Instagram/@nickviall)

The Bachelor: Rachel's The New Bachelorette!!! Also: Nick's Tears & Scary Va-Jeens

The news about Rachel destroyed this whole episode because after she was confirmed as the Next Bachelorette, nothing else mattered. Rachel is The New Queen of Bachelor Nation, her Majesty the real... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   02.14.17 7am   |   SHARE
Will Nick be the first bachelor to quit the dang show?! (Image Credit: Instagram/bachelorusa)

The Bachelor: Rose Rage, Racism In Reality, & The Nickpocalypse

Nick's Heart: Is it Even Real? Nick seems most happy when scampering tipsy across the sand.  "I'm a drunk baby dinosaur," he yells with glee. Elbows pulled tight to chest, hands cupped forward in T-... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   02.7.17 7am   |   SHARE
Love... and a whole lot of ugly history. (Image Credit: Instagram/bachelorabc)

Bachelor Review: #BlackGirlMagic vs. Swamp Showdown - The Fight For America's Heart & Soul?

Television has been a pulpit since its invention. And pop culture is like religion in that it can create and govern belief. That's why watching The Bachelor, with one eye on Twitter, feels like a... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   01.31.17 9am   |   SHARE
Corinne doesn't like shoveling poop. Where's the controversy? (Image Credit: YouTube/Anna Marie)

Bachelor Review: Red State Roller Skate & Poop Scoop In Nick's Hometown

Based On Her Persona, If Corinne Were A Man, She'd Be The Next POTUS Corinne is our perfect Trump-era queen, veering as she does between egotism and insecurity. Spewing uncensored emotion. Massaging... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   01.24.17 2pm   |   SHARE
Where's the vetting of Nick already? (Image Credit: YouTube/Entertainment Tonight)

Bachelor Review: Stuff To Normalize - Nick, Nannies For Grown-Ups, Reddi-Wip Coalitions

Josephine sang us out on Episode 3 with a self-styled show tune she performed for Nick. The lyrics were improvised and fully nonsensical: "There's no way I can disguise that I'm so into you, and... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   01.17.17 7am   |   SHARE
"Just give him a chance" sounds more dubious this year. (Image Credit: YouTube/Clevver News)

Bachelor Review: Giving Nick A Chance - Do We Even Want To?

The Bachelor seduces us because of its titillating alignment with larger American culture. We wouldn't have predicted we'd find anything meaningful in reality television and yet, now that a reality... Read...
Molly Pennington    |   01.13.17 10am   |   SHARE