German transplant. Raises her kids bilingual, colorful words involuntarily included.

Lacks moderation, does all the laundry in one day or none all week.
Drinks all of the coffee and none of the wine for fear of decreasing her productivity (the horror!).

Tries to fill every waking moment with productive activity. Drives husband crazy.

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Motherhood brings with it many occupational hazards. Image: Thinkstock.

A Million Mom Steps That Have To Happen In Order To Watch Freaking TV

Now, I would love to sit down and watch a movie without interruptions as well. But alas, motherhood brings with it many occupational hazards.
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7 Danger Zones I Navigate Every Morning

Some mornings feel like the day wakes up two hours before I do — there's just no other way to explain the mess that greets me after washing the sleep out of my eyes. (In true SAHM fashion, though,... Read...
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