Emily Hill is a nomadic health and wellness journalist living in New Mexico. She is an avid women's cycling advocate and amateur yogi. Her favorite food is red wine. Follow her @EmilybyNight.

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I faced that fear with a hair cut. It showed me my unique beauty, unbound by societal expectations.

Why Cutting Your Hair Short Equals Better Sex

If a man isn’t attracted to me because of my hair, it tells me two things: Number one, he has a one-dimensional perception of femininity. Number two, he’s an asshat.
Emily Hill    |   02.16.17 12am   |   SHARE
Spend most of your money on travel. Image: Andrew Phillips/Unsplash.

20 Non-BS Life Lessons I Learned By Age 30

Now that I’ve turned 30 (and wear caftans) I’m done reading vapid click-bait offering prosaic advice. This is not one of those articles.
Emily Hill    |   06.27.16 12am   |   SHARE