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2016: The Year of Ditching The Diet

Ravishly has called on some of our body acceptance experts to offer you strategies and support while you #DitchTheDiet2016
50 Resolutions.

50 Body Acceptance New Year Resolutions (That Don't Involve Dieting!)

And it’s that last one that really irks me: that most people — and especially most women’s — new year’s resolutions center on dieting and weight loss as the key to happiness.
Submitted by Melissa A. Fabello | 12.30.16 12am
Weight is actually healthy. (GASP!)

Why "Calories In Vs Calories Out" Is A Lie

We have been told that that's how it works: calories in vs calories out. "Eat less than you expend and you'll lose weight."
Submitted by Caroline Dooner | 03.17.16 12am
The Weight Watchers thing? Stop it. Sell your shares back. Image: Youtube.

Dear Oprah, Shut Up. #bread4ever

In February, you gave me that soul-punching gaze again and told me it's okay to eat bread while we obtain Our Best Bodies. You lost 26(!) pounds and you eat bread every damn day! I feel how... Read
Submitted by Carrie Saum | 03.16.16 12am

No — It’s A Diet, Not A Lifestyle

So, back in the diet season frenzy of December 2007/January 2008, Weight Watchers came out with a new campaign that bashed diets. (Seriously, you've got to check it out. It'll blow your mind.) They... Read
Submitted by Alicia Melgoza | 03.1.16 12am
Eating pineapple all the time = being tired of pineapple.

14 F#cked Up Diets I Cannot Believe I Tried

The Cabbage Soup Diet, aka The "Torture” Diet. You just put cabbage in water and cook it. And you eat it. All day. It is not good. You will still be hungry, and farting — very smelly, paint-peeling... Read
Submitted by Joni Edelman | 01.28.16 12am
Enhance, don't control, your life with eating.

How To Not Intuitively Eat #DitchTheDiet2016

I'm an anti-diet teacher. I teach chronic, obsessed dieters how to eat normally, trust their bodies, and fully commit to living their lives now, not 30 pounds from now.
Submitted by Caroline Dooner | 01.28.16 12am
Loving your body isn’t easy, but once you start, it gets easier.

Loving Your Body Isn't Easy #DitchTheDiet2016

How does that old cliché go? “Love is not a noun, it’s a verb”? Loving your body is a verb. It’s an action — and in many ways it’s a sacred and defiant one.
Submitted by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 01.27.16 12am
Salad is not the only food.

5 Popular Weight Loss Tips That Can SUCK IT #DitchTheDiet2016

If you’re at an amazing restaurant, eat the amazing food there! Enjoy it! Don’t limit yourself to one bite of expensive entree because you frantically forced down a pound of undressed salad before... Read
Submitted by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 01.25.16 12am
It’s about feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Separating Health and Weight #DitchTheDiet2016

What we really need is a better definition of health. One that is less about weight and more about the broader idea of what health is really about.
Submitted by Chris Sandel | 01.21.16 2pm
Eat the ice cream and don't look back!

Why You Can't Do Away With Food Cravings #DitchTheDiet2016

We are taught that cravings equal unhealthy and no cravings equal healthy. But guess what? I am here to tell you that you will never get rid of your cravings, and that it’s fully OK!
Submitted by Caroline Dooner | 01.21.16 12am
WHY, OPRAH? Image: Alan Light

Thanks But No Thanks, Oprah #DitchTheDiet2016

Shit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t get so sassy right now. Oprah is practically second in line to advise God so I better use my inside voice before she smites me. Oh my goodness — I hate that I’m about to... Read
Submitted by Adiba Nelson | 01.15.16 12am
It doesn't have to be this way...

You Probably Don't Know You Have Disordered Eating #DitchTheDiet2016

I never used to think my eating or weight fixation was that weird...I just thought I was a health nut.
Submitted by Caroline Dooner | 01.14.16 12am
It's a process.

Why I Decided To Break Up With Diet Culture For Good #DitchTheDiet2016

I know it’s a lot more complicated than just one day declaring, “Fuck it, I’m done dieting!” Just like we can easily make resolutions for ourselves to lose weight, we can just as easily resolve to... Read
Submitted by Erin McKelle | 01.12.16 12am
Don't be surprised when diets don't work forever.

14 Reasons Why Dieting Shouldn't Be Your Resolution #ditchthediet2016

Dieting is bad for your body, health, relationship with food, relationship with your body, metabolism, and really bad for natural weight stabilization. Of course we are not taught that. We are taught... Read
Submitted by Caroline Dooner | 01.7.16 12am

Let Them Eat Cake: My Weight Restoration Story

And so I slid the scale to the back of my closet, started freely eating doughnuts when I craved doughnuts, and simply donated the jeans that stopped fitting instead of holding out hope for them.
Submitted by Melissa A. Fabello | 12.19.16 12am