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A "witch" has historically been a woman possessing some sort of subversive power, be it as midwives or community matriarchs. This series celebrates the many ways witchcraft is preserved and practiced to this day. Witches are mothers. Witches are queer. Witches are Black and nonbinary and living with chronic illnesses. Witches are powerful. Witches are dangerous. Witches are a magic all their own.
Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones. Image: Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

The Mundane Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones

We witches have a secret weapon: the Earth. We know it holds a massive amount of power, and that is concentrated in crystals and gemstones. It's magick!
Submitted by Jennifer Billock | 10.27.17 12am

I Left The Church To Become A Witch, And I'm Never Looking Back

For the longest time, it felt like a dirty secret that I needed to hide from everyone. I left the church to become a witch!
Submitted by Melanie Buer | 10.26.17 12am

Candles Or Candies? Celebrating Halloween As A Mom — And A Witch

I don’t want to deprive my child of these magical Halloween memories, I just also want to light candles and talk about our ancestors.
Submitted by David Minerva Clover | 10.23.17 12am

The Witch Who Inspired The Handmaid's Tale

Mary Webster, a colonial woman who was hanged in Hadley, Massachusetts in 1685, is the witch who inspired The Handmaid's Tale.
Submitted by Delia Harrington | 10.23.17 12am

Black Magic, Black Skin: Decolonizing White Witchcraft

I don't worship some appropriated feminine divinity or semi-European Paganism. I will talk about Black Magic, black skin and decolonizing white witchcraft.
Submitted by Shannon Barber | 10.23.17 12am