Kimberly Caldwell: American Idol Alum

Looks like Kimberly Caldwell, American Idol season 2 alum—not to mention TV host and musician—is poised to have a killer 2015. Between pending nuptials, a new chart-topping single—"On the Weekend"—her own line of handbags, and a meteoric rise in the social stratosphere, "Auld Lang Syne" will sound very sweet to Caldwell's ears.

Ravishly caught up with the crooner to talk about future prospects and the trials and tribulations of chasing the American dream.

From a child prodigy to a super talented young singer, how has your musical journey evolved so far? What elements of your childhood have shaped you as the person you are today?

I was in Star Search for a few years starting at eleven years old. I performed twice a day, five or six days a week—so that helped me build a strong work ethic. It definitely taught me the ins and outs of TV too.

You wear many hats—singer, performer, entrepreneur, celebrity columnist, beauty blogger and also, perhaps most surprisingly—makeover expert. What would you say you're most talented at? What is your true calling?

I love being creative in all avenues, but I think I was born to sing. It has always been a huge part of my life. But I have also always loved getting dolled up and love transforming women to feel their best.

Being a finalist on American Idol is obviously a big accomplishment. But when the smoke cleared you didn't bag the title. What did you learn from that loss?

I wasn't in the right head space at twenty one to really fight for my dream. I don't know how the teenagers do it on American Idol! I learned to be focused and to really give 100% because you never know what may come of it.

How did that experience help you rise up professionally?

American Idol was my stepping stone and boot camp into Hollywood. I have always been proud to carry the American Idol name with mine. I think it has opened a lot of doors for me.

Being an entrepreneur or a makeover artist doesn't sound too tough—but what kind of resilience and effort does it take to be a performer out there?

It's really more fun than work to make and create my handbag line, Stage Presents, and play dress up with my Makeover Studio clients, but being on the road is tough. The hour I am performing makes it all worth it, but being away from my family and friends and living out of a suitcase can get lonely sometimes. It comes with the territory.

What kind of voice training or physical training do you undertake every day to be your best on the big day?

I have never really had any vocal training because my mom always knew how to help me find my voice. I work out about five times a week to stay fit and healthy doing power intervals and weights.

Let’s do something silly. If you were to choose two celebrities who need a makeover, who would they be and what is your brief style advice to them?

Most celebrities have their own glam squad so they are pretty taken care of. But I can always see the potential in people walking down the street or that I see at the store. I would love to just ambush them! Haha.

If there is a hashtag that defines you, what would that be?


What does 2015 hold for you—personally and professionally?

I am getting married to my long-time love Jordan Harvey on New Year’s Eve in Palm Springs. So I have a wedding and a honeymoon that's consuming me right now.

We will have to see what 2015 holds!

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