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Here's how you can support your metnally ill partner.

8 Ways To Support Your Mentally Ill Partner

Mentally ill folks are not all the same so this is by no means an exhaustive list. But it’s a start when it comes to supporting your mentally ill Read...
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This one small act of including a character with clinical depression is one way of opening the door to much larger conversations.

A Television Series Is Changing The Conversation On Mental Illness

You’re the Worst is tackling depression on television with grace, understanding, and compassion. It's changing the conversation on mental illness. Read...
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The Worst Side Effect Of Bipolar Disorder Is The Shame

I wasn’t thankful. I was too negative. I wasn’t doing enough. When I found out my mood swings weren't my fault, that I had bipolar disorder, I cried. Read...
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The author with her dear friend. (Image: Stache)

Call Me Mary Poppins: In Praise Of Positivity  

Maybe all of those people who distanced themselves from emotion and frowned upon my "Mary Poppins" outlook had been right all along. Read...
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I want to live my best life and, honestly, it's exhausting.

The Endless Quest To 'Live My Best Life:' Honestly, It's Just Exhausting

I want to live my best life and, honestly, it's exhausting. Sometimes I wish I could just take a break and say I'm content with where I'm at. Read...
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I’m An Exhausted Empath!

What’s Not Said: I’m An Exhausted Empath

If you’re an empath, you probably easily absorb the emotions of others and need time alone to decompress. If you're like me you're one exhausted Read...
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So, let’s clear something up right now: You have a right to feel your feelings. Full stop.

Feel Your Feelings And Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Feelings are important. I don’t mean this in a trite, self-help sort of way. I mean, you have a right to your feelings. Full stop. Read...
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I’m an ambivert. And if you’ve ever felt like you don’t quite fit into the introvert or extrovert crowds, maybe you are too!

Finding Out I'm An Ambivert Totally Changed My Life

I spent most of my life assuming I was an introvert, but not a very good one. Then finding out I'm an ambivert totally changed my life! Read...
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