Wicked Like a Wildfire, the debut young adult novel by literary agent Lana Popovic, is a book that seems created just to fit the description “atmospheric.”
"Relationships between women have always fascinated me the most, in literature as much as in life."
We chatted with her about the #Girlgaze book, the power of women being their authentic selves, and why she doesn't particularly care whether other people like her — and why you shouldn't care, either.
"By creating this supportive and inclusive community, we’ve re-instilled the notion that girls are powerful — that their minds, their ideas are just as valuable as those that come from men."
Carina Chocano talks about how “The girl” is a sidekick, plus-one to the central character: a dude. She may be smart and beautiful, but she’s half-formed.
"There's an idea that we don't have our own identities and must be subsumed by the people around us. But we are also subsumed by the story of what a girl or a woman should be; we’re not allowed to break away from that."
Jennifer Mathieu has spent much of her life pouring into the lives of teenagers, both through her day job as a teacher and through the four books.
Well, I’m a feminist, and I think living my life as a feminist has made my life more joyful and more fulfilled, and I am a whole-hearted supporter of getting as many young women on board with the women’s movement as possible.
Sound engineers, producers, record label executives — just 5% of the people who produce and proliferate our music are women.
"I never listened to much advice, but maybe to always stay away from tap beer unless you're in Europe."
We got to speak with Tess Holliday about parenting, feminism, body-positivity, & self-care. And about her book, The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl
"It's your body and you can do whatever you like to it — so long as you’re doing it for you."
Leigh Bardugo isn’t just an incredible writer; she’s also an incredible person, not least because she writes very diverse stories that give readers the gift of representation.
"Romance, adventure, and heroism don’t just belong to the able-bodied."
Doniga Markegard teaches at a wilderness school instructor, and it’s important to her that her own kids learn about nature and wildlife.
"The more we could put the sort of things that are boring to kids (or adults) into practicality, the more that boredom drifts away."
On top of the career she’s already built for herself, Emily’s debut young adult novel Light Years released from Simon Pulse/Simon & Schuster in September.
"It's my small way of changing the world. And therefore, it's my duty."
With two hugely successful books and a television show on the horizon with real fat girls on TV, it seemed like the perfect time to interview Samantha Irby.
"Not all fat women are sexless crones pressed to lose weight. We have friends and we hate our jobs and we go to slasher movies and not all of us can secretly sing. That is what I want to see on television."