Head Spinning From Countless News Outlets? This Feminist Public Policy Expert Has Answers.

The news cycle feels like a roller coaster ride these days. We’re all sitting in this little car, plunging up and down without any control over anything. But at least we have Dan Rather along for the ride. Read...
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Kay & Jared Jewelers Caught In Nasty Class-Action Suit For Wage Discrimination

I guess that’s why the slogan is “HE went to Jared” instead of “SHE went to Jared”. Only HE could afford to shop there after working there. Read...
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#FurballFriday: What The World Needs Is More Baby Giraffes

So far, April is mainly just walking around and not giving birth, which is probably annoying to poor April. There’s nothing quite like the end of pregnancy, when you just want to be done with it and get to the part where you have a baby. Maybe it’s Read...
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"The whole thing is just so empowering and relatable and even joyful?!"

You Need To Watch This Adele Parody About Calling Congress

6 months ago, a Facebook video about calling Congress wouldn’t have been viral, but here we are. This is what we have to do. Read...
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"There are a millions of ways to make a small difference in these stressful times."

Feeling Helpless? Try Helping Someone Else.

I step away from worrying about the federal government and think about my community for a moment. I ask myself who needs help, what do they need, and how can I deliver it. Then I do it. Read...
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Anderson Cooper is here for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth — and I am here for Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper Secures His Place In Our Hearts With This Epic Trump Takedown

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear tight black t-shirts. Read...
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Artwork by Aurora Lady for The Pussyhat Project

Why Is The Internet Fighting About P*ssyhats?

This event and the movement it’s spawning has the potential to kick some serious ass. Read...
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The Pill Box

Birth Control Subscription Box? YEAH. THAT HAPPENED.

How many time have you popped your last pill only to realize that your birth control prescription has run out? DON'T LIE. I know it's at least a few.  (If it's not a few, then we all want to know how you did that.) And how many of those times did Read...
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