Check Out This New Sex Toy Designed Specifically For Trans Men!

Image from Buck Angel's website

Hey, trans men! Have I got some exciting news for you! Like, really exciting. Sexually exciting!

There is a new sex toy on the market specifically for trans men! It’s called the Buck-Off, and it sounds really cool.

The new orgasm gadget is designed by Buck Angel, a trans advocate, adult film performer, speaker, writer, and — now — sex toy inventor.

The point of the Buck-Off is to create a masturbatory experience for trans men that’s more in tune with their gender identity. For some guys who haven’t had bottom surgery, there can be a disconnect between their genital anatomy and their sense of male-ness that makes masturbation less than awesome (though not all trans men even want bottom surgery or feel genital dysphoria — an important thing to remember!).

Since masturbation should be completely awesome for everyone, Buck Angel wanted to create a toy that addresses the issue.

The way it works is by fitting on over the clitoris (which can be quite enlarged on trans-guys who have been taking hormone replacement therapy), and acting like a stroker. According to Angel’s completely NSFW video demonstrating how to use it, you fit it over your genitals and squeeze and stroke it like you would if you were giving a typical penis a hand job. The toy looks really phallic and seems very pliable to the touch, giving guys a lot of flexibility in how they use it for optimum pleasure.

Reviews have been pretty glowing. One satisfied (pun intended) customer says, “I’ve tried everything under the sun to feel right masturbating, but now, I finally feel like the man I am when doing it :)))”.

The Buck-Off costs $29.95 and you can order it from the Perfect Fit website. Yay for inclusive sex toys!

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