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Will These Adorable Tiny Animals Get Here Before Christmas? WHO CARES?

Thinking of getting engaged soon? Nothing says I love you like a cat ring. Read...
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The country reacts to Russia's unprecedented cyberattack on the 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 US Election: From Russia, With Love

There is literally zero precedent for foreign influence on elections in the US — at least to this degree — and no one seems to know what to do with the information. Read...
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Kanye Hangs Out With Trump, World Prays For Miracle

In today’s Anything-Can- And-Will-Happen news, Kanye visits the President (OMGPLEASENO) Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower AKA Cheeto Headquarters USA #MAGA. Read...
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Best Idea Ever: Catnip Wine For Your Feline Friends!

For those who imbibe, a glass of wine can be a lovely way to relax at the end of the day. Just stretch out with your cat, have a few sips of vino and let your cares roll off you. Read...
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It's Like The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Only It's For Everyone!

So, millions of people every year tune in to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s on TV and it’s this major event with jewel Read...
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Donald Trump Knows The First Amendment Is A Thing, Right?

Mr. Trump has a very short time to learn the difference between citizen-to-citizen speech and citizen-to-government speech. Read...
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Put plainly: we aren’t teaching children of color that they can grow up to vote.

Election 2016: The Cost Of Taking Civics And History Out Of Our Schools

Institutions can and do fail citizens, but as communities we can fix some of their mistakes. Read...
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Lack Of Sex-Ed Leads To Skyrocketing Abortion Rates In China's Teens

If you ever want to see what happens when young people aren’t given necessary information about sex, sexual activity, or contraception, look to China. Read...
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