image credit: Norman Wilkinson - The Illustrated London News, May 15, 1915. P. 631.

For Your Next Vacation, How About Sinking With The Titanic?

The worlds of theme parks and virtual reality give us all kinds of opportunities to experience adventures that are out of the realm of possibility. For example, you can go to Universal Studios and tour the Hogwarts castle while waiting to go on a Read...
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World AIDS Day: A Look At How Far We've Come Since 1988

In 1988, when AIDS was still a newly discovered health condition, it was a death sentence. Read...
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3 Reasons To Support Obamacare In The Age Of Trump

Today, the new President-elect announced that he was tapping Georgia Republican Representative Tom Price as his Secretary of Health and Human Services. An outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act, the move is seen by many as an indication that Read...
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Ice Cream! It's what's for breakfast!

ATTENTION: Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast. Seriously.

Brace yourselves, folks. I may be about to present you with the best news of 2016: ice cream for breakfast can make you smarter! Read...
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Is Your Cat Making You Horny? (What?)

Your kitty may be making you kinky. No, not your pussy (although the vagina wants what the vagina wants) - your actual cat. Or, specifically, a cat-borne disease that can be transferred to humans. Most cat Read...
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Image Credit: Stacey Axelrod/ASPCA

Meet Kiah, The First Pit Bull Ever On New York's K9 Police Force

When I need a moment to feel better about everything around me, I type “dogs” into the search field of my news app and wait for the magic to happen. Dogs always come through, and today is no different. Read...
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Break the news about Hatchimals to the kids early.

Hatchimals: The 'It Toy' Of 2016 (Good Luck Finding One)

Do you - or your child - want a Hatchimal for this holiday gift giving season? Well, guess what?! You probably can’t have one! MuahahahahahahaSOB! As the ramp up to shopping frenzy season starts, the item that’s emerging as the It Toy is a Hatchimal Read...
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Kanye Cancels Remainder Of Saint Pablo Tour After Bizarre Weekend Performances

While Kanye West fans expected to get provocative musical performances during his Saint Pablo tour, audiences this weekend got a few surprises. The hip-hop icon stunned crowds at his Thursday show in San Jose when he announced that Read...
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