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FINALLY: Twitter Plans To Crack Down On Harassment

Twitter announced this week that it will expand features designed to protect users from abuse. The company says in a Read...
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Why You Should Go Ahead And Give Your Dog Table Scraps

Your dog was destined to be your best friend. It’s SCIENCE. I don’t know that we actually needed more studies to demonstrate that dogs are the best, but there’s a Read...
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Sex (Er... Prostitution?) In The Wild

You know how humans sometimes put out in order to pay their rent? Well, penguins put out to get building materials for their nests. Read...
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We're Americans, and Americans don't give up.

Be The Change. I Mean Cry First, But Then Be The Change

We will not be having our first woman president and I, for one, must grieve. A dream deferred. American women, once again on the wrong side of the glass ceiling. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go into why. I can’t do the post-game analysis Read...
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Obsessed With Checking The Election? Me, Too.

With four and a half days left before this election ends once and for all, I am probably not alone in my obsession with polls. And I’m probably not the first to admit that this is not a healthy way to be living. Read...
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Catholic Church Tells Women Seeking Priesthood Not To Hold Their Breath

Remember how a couple of weeks ago we talked about how the Catholic Church is looking for exorcists? The best exorcists they have are older priests and Read...
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Techno Tampon: How Do You Feel About Vaginal Bluetooth?

I love communications technology. Luuurrrvvvvveee it. I think it’s amazing that my husband can call me from his car just by pressing a button on his steering wheel. And I have this smartwatch that connects to GPS satellites and my phone and tracks Read...
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Women Don't Feel Safe When They Run? OH REALLY?

I’m a runner. Four or five times a week, I lace up my shoes, pop in my headphones (usually with Hamilton blasting through them), and head out to pound some tension away. It’s time purely for me and I relish every second of it. One Read...
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