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Rectal Dilator? Or BUTT PLUG? You Decide.

If you are lucky, you have wonderful friends who fill your inbox with bizarre and amusing nonsense. I have just such friends and they send me amazing stuff, which is why I am about to share with you what I learned from reading an Read...
Rebekah Kuschmider   |   10.27.2016   |   SHARE
To the dude who said women shouldn't wear yoga pants: Puh-lease.

Yoga Pants Are Not A Crime

Since the day that cavewomen first put on the fur pelt of a skinned cave-tiger, men - of the cave variety... and others - have felt empowered to weigh in on clothing choices. While our cave-dwelling foremothers had handy-dandy clubs around with Read...
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Exhausted Parents, Rejoice: Let Your Baby Watch TV! The AAP SAID IT'S OK!

In today's HAAHHAAH We Weren't Listening-to-You-Stupid-Pediatricians-Anyway, news: The American Academy of Pediatrics has Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   10.21.2016   |   SHARE

#NastyWoman Update: Ladies Don't Need To Be Told Anything, Thank You Very Much

“Sometimes a lady has to be told when she’s being nasty.” Read...
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Would You Buy Your Cat This $300 Food?

We all spoil our pets, right? I’m certainly guilty of it. My dog’s favorite things are bully sticks, which are literally dried bull penises. They cost about $1 a pop and that’s kind of splurge for an animal who can amuse herself by licking her own Read...
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#nastywomen becomes a battle cry. (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Trump Attempts To Insult, #nastywomen Everywhere Drop Mic On Him

ICYMI, towards the close of last night’s final (handclap for that) presidential debate, Donald Trump lobbed an insult Clinton’s way. While answering a question about Social Security, Read...
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New Program Helps Trans And Non-Binary Folks Get Hired

If you are trans, living in California, and looking for work, there’s a program to help you. Read...
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Image of Father Vincenzo Taraborelli from BBC News

Ever Wanted To Perform An Exorcism? Now's Your Chance!

If you are looking for a slightly spooky career change this Halloween season, I’m here to tell you that the Catholic Church is looking for a few good… exorcists. Read...
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