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So, Weed Wine Is Definitely A Thing 

Canna Vine is making this miraculous concoction that consists of organic marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes. I don’t know what biodynamic farming is but it does sound very special and like it would result in good tasting wine. Read...
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Because dogs are the best. They just are.

Pawsitive Action Is Helping Vets By Giving Them Dogs!

I am not sure the human race is really good enough to deserve dogs. Read...
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Alright, The 2016 Election Is Officially A Dumpster Fire

So. The election. Yeah. Political watchers will often talk about an October Surprise, or some bit of information that gets released in the final weeks of a campaign and blows the race wide open. Something that can Read...
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Mike Rowe Doesn't Think Everyone Should Vote  

In my travels around the internet today, I happened upon an article about something Mike Rowe, dirty job expert and working class hero, said about the trend of celebrities encouraging people to vote. He was Read...
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There is power in numbers (Image Credit: klique)

Klique App And "It’s On Us" Partner To Prevent Sexual Assault On Campus

Klique, a new app, helps students socialize in groups. The goal is to promote safety by supporting users to always come and leave group outings with their “klique” alongside. Read...
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Happy National Coming Out Day!

Happy National Coming Out Day! We Love You!

Happy National Coming Out Day! We make it a point to affirm the value of every individual, regardless of gender, sexuality, or relationship status. Read...
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FINALLY, Some Good News About P*ssies This Week

At a time when presidential candidates are on tape saying hideous things about grabbing women by their genitals, it’s easy to look at the male of the species and think, “Yech.” I say this from experience. I spent the whole weekend trying not to Read...
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Got Plans For The Weekend? How About A Dog-Shaped B&B?

And you can even bring your dog to the dog! Read...
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